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Lyle Atkins

Lyle is a well-known and recognized financial planner since 1972 in Winnipeg. Since 1982 he has owned and operated Independent Financial Counsellors Inc. (IFC). Prior to starting IFC in 1982, he spent 10 years with Eaton Financial Services. He was both a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and a Registered Financial Planner (RFP) until he semi-retired in 2019. He has a Business Administration Degree from Red River Community College. In addition to financial planning, Lyle also puts on many financial planning seminars and financial educational courses for dozens of companies including most of the major banks, trust companies, brokerage firms and many government agencies. Business Administration - Red River Community College President: Independent Financial Counsellors Inc. Past Vice President of Education: Canadian Association of Financial Planners (National) Past President: Canadian Association of Financial Planners (Manitoba Chapter) Past Member: Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce Income Tax Task Force and C.P.P. Task Force Editorial Board - "Family Farm Business Advisor" manual

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